in mouse clothing is an urban rooftop exploration that highlights a playfully versed conversation among two neighbors, preparing to part from

the tranquility of their old home.   

Inspired by the unremitting friendships made during, and bittersweet parting from, a temporary New Brunswick residence while at Rutgers University.  

Created & Performed by Adriana Santoro & Anna Gichan

Music by Francisco Tárrega - "Capricho árabe"

Shalom II is an experimental time-lapse of a post-stormy sky;

restless, yet ever harmonic in beauty.  


Inspired by time, space, and the refined simplicity that exists between the two in a dancing sunset.   


Created by Adriana Santoro

Music by Mars Water - "Where the Sun Sets" from Here We Are

© 2020 by Adriana Santoro