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Artistic Statement:

Movement is a passion of mine.  It is an essence of life.  I move to feel alive. 

I create to explore the nuanced, infinite possibilities of movement.  I teach to share the refreshment and generosity I have found through dance with my community.  It is all a learning experience.  Movement to me is a needed breath of fresh air, of which I am allowed to fall in love with and express daily.

Art has the potential to suggest beauty in itself or challenge currents of the present time.  I value movement innovation that is thoughtful, unpredictable, and highly articulate in detail.  My repertory is rich in dynamics, collaborative in style, and driven by my interests in the playful juxtaposition of space, time, weight, and flow.  I particularly treasure the sublime interactive possibilities that exist in contact improvisation and interdisciplinary collaborations.  The paradox and process of active surrender are of great interest and inspiration to me.  

I strive to live each given moment by my faith and through my dance. 

Adriana Santoro & Artists:

Adriana Santoro & Artists aspire to create playfully articulate, richly dynamic, and thoughtfully collaborative artistry.  Interdisciplinary company works include dancers, composers, musicians, and visual artists.  Ongoing projects also encompass dance film and site-specific productions.  Repertoire has performed in professionally curated festivals and events at The Actors Fund Arts Center, Bickford Theater at the Morris Museum, Dixon Place, Gibney Dance: Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center, Hudson Guild Theater, Judson Memorial Church, Landmark Loew's Jersey Theater, Loree Dance Theater, Mark Morris Dance Center, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Ritz Performing Arts Stage, SMUSH Gallery, Triskelion Art's Muriel Schulman Theater, Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theater, and Vorhees Chapel at Rutgers University.

Digital Illustration by Allison Scalera

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